Watu 8 watiwa mbaloni kwa kutengeneza msiba feki

Nairobi: Watu 8 wakamatwa kwa kosa la kutengeneza msiba feki ili kukimbia jiji la Nairobi ambako kuna Amri ya kutotoka ili kukabiliana na CORONA

Eight fake mourners are being arrested by Kenyan police for pretending they were going to the bush, with the aim of avoiding corona virus laws in Nairobi.

The men bought the coffin and put it on the car, and when they were stopped by police they said they were transporting the deceased’s body to Homa Bay for the funeral and were using a fake funeral permit.

However their lies became apparent after the neighbors of the area they were going to gather with the mourners for the mourning, when they asked for the coffin to be opened to see the body of the deceased, then they realized it was empty.

Responses to corona tests have revealed that the driver of the car is infected with the virus, and now others have been put on quarantine, while police are investigating to find people close to the travelers from Nairobi to Homa Bay.

“These Kenyan features are really frustrating to me, now someone has taken a coronavirus here and sent it to Homa Bay. If we say people should not come out it is because they want to deal with the disease. This is not a government disease, it is yours and mine, ”- said Kenya’s Minister of Health in a statement


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