TAMISEMI: List of Teachers Organized at Work Centers July 11 2019.


Establishment of the Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Government is mentioned in the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania Article 8 (1) 145 and 146 of 1977 and many other subsequent amendments.

In 1982 under the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania, it adopted the Local Government Authorities Act No. 7 (Cap 287) and the Local Authorities Act No. 8 (Cap 288).

These two laws gave authority to the Minister with the regional and Local Governments on the establishment of Local Government Authorities, Villages, Small Cities, and Local Authorities.

However, the Ministry has reviewed the improvement of its services under different ministries as follows:

In 1990

This Ministry was known as the Ministry of Local Government, Community Development, Cooperative and Marketing and in the late 1990s

In 1998

The ministries of the Ministry were transferred to the Prime Minister’s office and thus established two departments that were involved in Regional Administration and Local Government Administration.

November, 2000

During the year MRALG’s work was transferred to the President’s Office (PORALG).

December, 2005

The Ministry’s activities were re-transferred to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMORALG).

However, in December, 2015 the Ministry’s work was re-transferred to the President’s Regional Administration and Local Authorities that continue to date.

List of Teachers Organized at Work Centers to fill the positions of Teachers who did not report to the planned facilities in April, 2019.

Click here to download the list of names.


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