HESLB: Orodha ya wanaotakiwa kufanya marekebisho 2019/2020

HESLB has released the list of applicants credit for the academic year 2019/2020 which their form to make changes are limited to four days from Monday on 30 September 2019 which also guide on how to make the adjustments provided ..

Step HESLB follows the completion of the verification credit applications where some credit application forms have been identified have limitations that prevent you from continuing with the credit application process.

The limitations include the lack of documents or attachments certified by the relevant authorities and the signatures of the applicants and their sponsors.

This list is for students going for undergraduate studies. A list of credit applicants joining the Law School of Tanzania, Graduate and Postgraduate will be released tomorrow Monday, September 30, 2019.

Ili kuona orodha ya majina na marekebisho yanayohitajika *bofya hapa.*


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